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What Are the Pros and Cons of CNC Machining and Should You Use It?

CNC machining, or Computer Numerical Control machining, is a modern manufacturing method that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is considered as a huge breakthrough in this business. With this technology, computer control machines have replaced traditional machines including center lathes and vertical millers, which are mainly operated by engineers and machinists, increasing working efficiency greatly. However, as everything in this universe has advantages and disadvantages both, CNC Machining also included in this. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this technology.


Continuous use

CNC machines are able to operate constantly 24/7, which means you can use them in the workplace for days without taking a break. It needs to be turned off only for an occasional maintenance check. Compared to other machines that involve many trained machinists or engineers, it is a great feature that effectively keeps the production cost down.

High precision

CNC machining is designed and pre-programmed by computers. Therefore, these machines have the ability to replicate every detail of the original design with high precision. You can always manufacture exact duplicates that remain true to the product design. To improve reliability, you can also update the software on a regular basis.

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How to Identify a Good Rugged Tablet Manufacturer

4 Important Elements of a Rugged Tablets Manufacturer

Since the competition in China’s consumer-grade tablet market is getting fiercer, more and more tablet manufacturers start to march in rugged tablet market. But they vary in scale and quality. Some are the small workshops that have only one assembly line and dozens of workers, some are relatively larger manufacturers that have hundreds of employers on their production line. But how can we identify the quality and strength of the rugged tablet manufacturers? Here we have summarized 5 important elements for you to have a quick understanding of the company when you visit a rugged tablet factory.

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Is it possible for Scanning Apps or Digital Camera to Replace Book Scanners?

The Differences between Scanning Apps and Book Scanners

In the nowadays Digital Age, people’s desire for information acquisition has substantially increased. The reading, which remains the major mean of learning, has derived a new reading approach–digital reading. It soon becomes a new trend due to its convenience and efficiency. Consequently, book scanners have come into being and is fast developing. But before we have some insight into book scanner, let’s discuss some replacement questions first, which is can scanning apps or digital camera replace book scanner?

The answer is of course NO.

  • Curved Surface
    Since the book’s surface is not flat, it is necessary to adjust the focal length to stay in focus. Although the book can be posed as V shape, a digicam can only take pictures of a flat document with clear and legible text.
  • OCR Function
    By far, OCR Function (Optical Character Recognition Technology) is not supported in digital camera and most of the scanning apps to convert the scanned documents into editable Word, PDF, TIFF, and Excel. Even now some apps can process the image and recognize the text, it has the risks that words are wrongly written or character missing.
  • Scan Quality
    There is no doubt that the resolution and sensor of mobile phones are not as professional as those of digicam and book scanner. Book scanner often adopts industrial-grade sensor and picture processor that will greatly improve scanning quality. Besides, with no algorithm to optimize the content, it will be an annoying process to deal with the disturbing factors like the uneven height of the book, the edge, the lighting, and paging.
  • Efficiency
    The efficiency of a book scanner is much better than apps and digicam. With fast processing CMOS chip, the scan speed of a flat single page can be as fast as 1.5s-3s/page and the speed of scanning books is 1.5s-3s/dual pages, far surpassing the speed of apps and digicam.

Other than these four reasons, there remains a lot of differences in specs and setup. Theoretically, if given the professional equipment, one may replace document scanner at the expense of time and constant setup. Just as smartphones cannot replace digital SLR camera, scanning apps can not replace professional book scanner.

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4 Applications Best On Real World Blockchain

The Food Industry -Blockchain Applications

Err.. not really first thing that occurs to you when you think of ‘blockchain applications’, now is it?

But, the fact is that many big shopping chains like Walmart are teaming up with IBM to integrate the blockchain in their food management system.

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A New Second-level Network With New Web 3.0

With blockchain technology, the web increases a new layer of features.

Already, users can work directly with one one more Bitcoin transactions inside 2016 averaged over one hundred dollar, 000 US each day. Together with the added security through the blockchain new internet business are on track to be able to unbundle the traditional establishments of finance.

Goldman Sachs believes that blockchain technological innovation holds great potential specially to optimize clearing and settlements, and could represent worldwide savings of up to $6bn each year.

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