4 Important Elements of a Rugged Tablets Manufacturer

Since the competition in China’s consumer-grade tablet market is getting fiercer, more and more tablet manufacturers start to march in rugged tablet market. But they vary in scale and quality. Some are the small workshops that have only one assembly line and dozens of workers, some are relatively larger manufacturers that have hundreds of employers on their production line. But how can we identify the quality and strength of the rugged tablet manufacturers? Here we have summarized 5 important elements for you to have a quick understanding of the company when you visit a rugged tablet factory.


Though the scale doesn’t necessarily represent the strength of the company, it is still an important factor. If the factory has only one production line, its orders are often unsteady and so will be the skilled workers. As a result, the quality of the products has no guarantee and you may take the risk of losing your deposit. For the sake of product quality and financial security, factories of medium scales and above are recommended.

Then the next question will be: how to tell the factory is large or not? Like what we’ve mentioned, if a factory has only 1 to 2 production lines, we can be sure that it is a small company. Those who possess 7 production lines or more use only one for their rugged devices production cannot be defined as large-scale factory as well. But there is one thing for sure, if the factory can even manufacture their PCB components and assembly, the core of the tablets, it must be a large-scale rugged tablet company.


Aside from scale, also the company management and its order can influence the quality. To judge the management is reasonable or not, we can start from the following checklist:

  • Whether workers will wear dust-proof suits before entering the workshop
  • Whether the factory is clean and tidy or not
  • Whether the products in warehouse are put in order
  • Whether there are flowchart and quality control standards hang on the wall
  • Whether there is an indicator for every process

From these details, you can have a rough understanding of the order in a company.


The biggest difference between the rugged tablet and the consumer-grade tablet is the durability towards the various environment. As a rugged tablet company, it must be equipped with testing devices to simulate the tough environment and test the reliability of the products, which is also the key factor that determines the product qualification. What is the common testing equipment in the industry?

  • Waterproof tester
  • Steel ball drop test machine
  • High & low temperature simulator
  • Simulated salt spray environment meter
  • Roller testing machine
  • High altitude drop tester


The workers in factory are usually divided into groups for different process: assembly group, packaging group, inspection group, and customer-service group. While the nondefective rate of products is determined by the inspection group. Are there efficient members in inspection group? Do they have the inspection standards to follow? Those manufacturers who are very strict with its quality control usually have 3 inspection processes after production and assembly. In addition, a grown company should have a complete quality control system, including:

  • IQC: Incoming material quality Control
  • PQC: Process Quality Control
  • LQC: Line Quality Control
  • OQC: Outgoing Quality Control

Above are the 4 important elements help you distinguish the reliable rugged tablet manufacturers. So, are the rugged tablets produced by these factories necessarily the best? It could be. In the next article, we will introduce how to examine the quality of rugged tablet.