CNC machining, or Computer Numerical Control machining, is a modern manufacturing method that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. It is considered as a huge breakthrough in this business. With this technology, computer control machines have replaced traditional machines including center lathes and vertical millers, which are mainly operated by engineers and machinists, increasing working efficiency greatly. However, as everything in this universe has advantages and disadvantages both, CNC Machining also included in this. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this technology.


Continuous use

CNC machines are able to operate constantly 24/7, which means you can use them in the workplace for days without taking a break. It needs to be turned off only for an occasional maintenance check. Compared to other machines that involve many trained machinists or engineers, it is a great feature that effectively keeps the production cost down.

High precision

CNC machining is designed and pre-programmed by computers. Therefore, these machines have the ability to replicate every detail of the original design with high precision. You can always manufacture exact duplicates that remain true to the product design. To improve reliability, you can also update the software on a regular basis.

Less manpower

Since CNC tasks are managed by computers, more operators can be reduced in the workplace. In many cases, only one or two trained employees are enough to be responsible for all the tasks once the machines are programmed. So, you can reduce the labor cost and invest more money in other departments.


High cost

Generally speaking, CNC machines cost more than machines that are manually operated. Machines and tools are costly and it is also expensive to repair. Additionally, trained machinists are still needed for mathematics and engineering, which means you have to invest money into workforce training. However, as the industry demand for CNC machining is increasing, the cost will see a decrease gradually.

Skill lost and unemployment

As CNC machines are pre-programmed, operators don’t need to master the skills required in manually operated machines anymore. Students no longer have to learn the detailed mathematical and engineering skills of the past. It will result in the loss of knowledge and skills needed to operate manually operated machines. At the same time, labors, including those who have mastered skills for manually operated machines, are laid off and the unemployment rate is likely to go up rapidly in the industry.


With the information mentioned above, it is clear that CNC machining has pros that outweigh the cons as a revolutionary technology. You are allowed to produce targeted parts with great accuracy in a much shorter time, with manpower as few as possible as well.

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